Tango DJ Peter Wenger

When possible, I only use best-mastered tracks, TangoTunes, Audio Park, CTA, etc
Since 2000, I am DJ-ing in Germany and Switzerland. Travel every year
with my wife to Buenos Aires to dance and to the art of DJ.
To experience DJ-ing. A big role for me as a DJ is Daniel
Borelli, who plays in many traditional milongas in Buenos Aires,
which many consider the best DJ in Buenos Aires. I put
nothing that I would not like to dance myself. For the mood in
The milonga is the type of tango music and the Cortinas important. As a DJ
I try to create a harmonious atmosphere. The biggest part
is from the „Epoca de Oro“ of tango with a pinch of canyenque from the
30s. I put on 100% traditional.